The Translator Day in UNIACC

30 Oct

In October 3, 2006 The School of Communication and Language from UNIACC (University of Arts, Sciences and Communication of Chile) together with other faculties celebrated the Translator Day. This opportunity was important to show that the students are in professional advance and also to let them know how important is English in the world.
Patricia Politzer (Director of the Center for the Study of UNIACC) said:
UNIACC wants to be the leader in the professional knowledge that is why we celebrate our two generations of graduates in the Art of Translation and Interpretation from Spanish to English and viceverse.
And I say “art” because the true interpreter and translator is not only who knows the exact word in other language like the dictionary, but is who understands the context, who understands the deep meaning of the communication purpose, who knows that, symbolically, the literal translation can be misunderstood due to the difference of cultures.
The Dance and Coreography Faculty attended the ceremony and interpreted a musical piece. Qualified students also were awarded for their translations in the faculty. The students were very grateful with this celebration and in the end of this they were to their school to organize recreational activities together with teachers. They represented English languages from Australia, England and United States.

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