I International Forum of Translation and Social commitment – I Foro Internacional de Traducción y Compromiso Social

22 Jan

1. Translation and Activism
The translator, the interpreter is not a machine that transposes one code by another, but is a person who has to take decisions and may be manipulated and, in fact, it seems to be happened in the Alouni Case.

Legal Translation and Interpretation (Case: Tayssir Alouni Judgement)
We have studied the Tayssir Alouni Case who was captured in September, 2003, journalist from the TV network Al-Jazeera, captured and, in fact, damned for collaborated to Al Qaeda. We have analyzed the references of translation and interpretation during the Alouni Judgement, and we have seen how people can manipulate the translation to support the thesis of the dominant speech, in this case, the impeachment.
Alouni is accused of criminal charges based on translation and transcription of phone audio. We have to say that, finally, the judge had to desestimate all the charges based on these phone audio translations, because it was demonstrated that the translation was not the same as the translator said it was. However, they created impeachment weather. How did it happen? Precisely, because of the diglossia of Arabic world, the phone conversations were between Tayssir and Syrian friends, acquaintancesc and relatives as well as Spanish nationality, but from Syrian origin. So, nobody knows who transcript and translated these conversations, but it seems not to be a person who knew the argot and the dialect from Syria, even more in the Alepo zone, because there are localisms, which is just spoken in the zone from which Tayssir Alouni belongs. And definitely, this adds a major complication.
In Police Department, anyone translates and interprets. There aren´t any rules and when there is recruitment, it is done through the INEM (State Public Employment Service), they do not recruit professional translators or interpreters with experience. So, there is not any guarantee of the translations done.

By Anne Martin. Prof.Interpretation from Granada University (UGR)

2. Interpretation in areas of conflicts and war.
By Mona Baker. Prof. Translation from Manchester University

3. Translation and Social Commitment
In the First Social World Forum, the voluntieer and social commitment have existed before. However, since the Social World Forum, which started in Puerto Alegre in 2001, more over as an organized structure since the First Social European Forum, which started in Florencia; it was a need to recruit a large equipment of interpreters, in a short period of time, the procession, as it was organized, could not provide this, they did not offer enough volunteers to this purpose. So, networks emerged to assist processions and they have this social commitment to dedicate this part of their time to promote the idea of the Social Forums, through volunteering.
I think that is important because is the only way that alternative ideas could go through the linguistic wall. The official idea is always to count with enough money to recruit translators, while the alternative idea emerged from movements that has no money and only can save that linguistic wall with the support of volunteers. That is one of the main reasons why emerges a volunteer conscious social commitment of translators and interpreters.
Since the professional area, which I belong to, the interpreter who was formed in a conventional educational Center, may be was not enough prepared to this such of situations of Social Forums, where the speech, the register and the lexicon are different and the students were normally accustom to work with the official or dominant speech. For example, I remember a speech where the french word: “bolivarian” appeared that refers to Bolivarian, from Venezuela and students translated it as Bolivian, simply because the Bolivarian term was not used to them. When they have heard talking about Venezuela it is said Chavez, Chavism, Chavist people and it is not said about the social and politic movement behind that. For them, it has another name that is inspired in Simon Bolivar figure and therefore, they were changing its sense, changing the country and losing a term.

By Jesús de Manuel Jerez. Prof. Interpretation from UGR

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